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Telecaster pickups

$140 CDN per set    Singles: $70.00 CDN ea

* Custom winds may be subject to additional charges

The Telecaster's simple yet effective design and revolutionary sound broke ground and set trends in electric guitar manufacturing and popular music. Introduced as the Broadcaster in 1950, the Telecaster has been used in music genres such as country, rock, blues and jazz.

The Telecaster was the first production solid body electric guitar. With its signature twang & meaty overdriven tone, it has become a classic workhorse

All our Tele pickups are made with vintage fiber bobbins, Alnico magnets & vintage cloth leads.   


"Nocaster  "

Our Nocaster  Is out take on early Blackguard Tele tone of the early 50’s . With a true vintage handwound scatter pattern ,Alnico3 magnets & a custom spec 43 gauge wire our Nocaster set has fat bottom end ,with a thick chunky warm midrange & a smooth treble to replicate this magical tone .

Flat pole Alnico 3 magnets    

"Classic T"

Our Classic T Bridge pickup has a well Balanced combination of Highs,lows & Midrange .

For just the right amount of Twang & Growl to make these a very versatile set for classic Tele tones.

Alnico 5 flat pole magnets, Wax potted, Vintage Cloth leads, with steel base plate.

Our Classic T neck model offers a warmth and clear round tone with enough punch for country, blues, jazz applications and comes with our nickel silver cover & Flat pole magnets  


__This Tele set has derived from a personal quest for the perfect balance of Overdriven tones & Fuzz tones & cleans tones in one set  that are voiced to go in an old faded pink Paisley Tele that I own  ,Usable cleans that will breakup & will handle some common Fuzz pedals without too much low end _.These pickups use Alnico 4 magnets in both positions to for that upper mids open tone .

If you want the genuine LaBra tone go with the A2 in the neck


”Texas Blue”

Our Texas Blue uses Alnico II magnets for a sweeter treble response, with a certain output produces a powerful pickup . Wound using a similar recipe as our Texas Red set          

      7.6K Bridge/ 7.6k Neck

"Texas Red Tele"

Our "Texas Red Tele" bridge pickup has the classic Broadcaster specs but has a few changes to give it a more open, Tighter focused tone.,That cuts through better . They are great for Blues, Rock & Country.

Our Texas red neck model uses  flat pole Alnico 5 magnets and are wound to 8k with 43 GA wire for a hotter tone with a full tonal range. Well balanced from clear crisp highs &  tight low end.with focused mids

Wax potted, vintage cloth covered leads & nickel cover.

We have recently increased the output of the tele Texas Red neck pickup . To really get it competing with the bridge pickup . Which is unlike most vintage tele pickup sets , but it is more practical .

Output/DCR is misleading & don’t determine output of a pickup .   

New “58”

The ‘58  is our set for that fat clean country of the late 50's /early 60's , Bakerfield sound  Clean & twangy Buck Owens tone . Comes with 2 options , either era correct raised D & G poles Alnico 5 magnets which works well with a vintage 7 1/4” radius fingerboard  or flat pole which works well with flatter fingerboards  .  6.7K bridge/ 7k neck    

"Classic B"

Our take on the powerful Broadcaster tone with more emphasis the rhythm with a powerful range of dynamic, beefy traditional tones that are not ice-picky.  The "Classic B" is loaded with rounder, sweeter highs, a little warmer midrange and a big bottom end.  Our "Classic B" neck model has been wound to balance well with the bridge model in volume & tone

Alnico 5 flat pole magnets, wax potted, vintage cloth leads with steel base plate.


 The T-dog is a hot Tele pickup ,wound in the classic p-90 .

The main difference is there are no Alnico rod magnets ,but steel pole adjustable screws & bar magnets like a P-90

The T-dog Tele set displays classic P90 preformance in a tele footprint .

Built around P90 output,it has a nice blend of p-90 feel & tele clarity.

compared to a traditional tele pickup it has more bark & attack with more even top end & will break up with lower gain & retains great dynamics played clean or dirty.

From gritty P90 blues tones to chunky southern or classic rock, the T-dog makes a great alternative for your tele.

         8K Bridge / 7.5K neck

"Telepaf”  $90 uncovered $100w / Nickel cover  

This is a PAF style humbucker that matches our higher output Tele bridge pickups  .  Basically it’s our Vivid Neck PAF style humbucker that has been underwound to around 6.8k . Alnico 2

In a tele the result is a nice balance & of woody meets twangy but without overpowering the bridge pickup .

Works well with any of our Classic B, Nocaster , Texas Red Tele & our T-dog bridge pickups  .

If your looking for a Telepaf for a lower output bridge pickup like

 our Classic T or similar ,We can wind something to suite your needs      

   6.8k . Alnico 2  


This is our take on a Tele Neck pickup that will sound close to a

Strat neck pickup ,We use an open nickel cover with the poles slightly raised .we use the 42 gauge wire like all the classic strat pickups were wound with. As wall as Alnico 5 magnets   

-Don’t let the output/dcr  fool you ,This pickup is equal or if not having more output as any of our other tele neck pickups except out newly revised Texas Red & T-dog neck pickup   6.2K



This is our Blade Tele humbucker that is only available in the bridge position .It has a very punchy tone with the right amount of mids & low end & treble to be used for anything from country to metal ,when you want that crunch without any hum  

Around  9k            $85