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  The original PAF or “Patent Applied For” humbuckers. This "Holy Grail" of humbuckers is so coveted by musicians and collectors that they are out of reach for most working musicians.  A single original PAF pickup can fetch several thousand dollars and up.

They are the pickups you would find in a 1959 burst.  With its clear, rich dynamic tone it is supremely addictive.  PAF's have been used in many of the most famous music recordings in history. If you fancy these , you probably already know the history of the PAF.

Being a long time musician and guitar tech, , I’ve had the opportunity to have a few vintage instruments in for repair's and setups. I've had the privilege to play a few original PAF equipped guitars and I've spent ample time with one set in particular from a 1960 Gibson ES-335. I have studied and repaired original PAF's and have documented every detail and dimension of the PAF, from the metallurgy of the pole screws, slugs, keeper bar, base-plate and nickel cover to the magnet composition, wire and bobbins.

I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars getting the wind and the mixture just right. I simply was not happy with many of the readily available parts so I painstakingly searched for the right ingredients to create a great sounding PAF style humbucker & take it to the next level.  My PAF magnets are custom made to spec .

Standard 49.2mm spacing ,braided lead wire ,Maple spacer .

Inquire about other options like  

Vintage correct Butyrate bobbins we have them & they will cost a little more, Also available a more modern F spaced avalable & 4 conductor wire .

Other colored bobbins are available in 52/50mm spacing .

$180.00 CDN per set    Singles: $90.00 CDN ea  

Nickel covers $10.00  extra

* Custom winds may be subject to additional charges


Vintage style humbuckers _______

Royal“ ALNICO 3

This is our take on a low output Paf set that uses Alnico 3 magnets, & gives you a great vintage PAF tone with a little less low end & sweeter mids & treble than the traditional A2 magnet . It’s still  has that articulate tone like all our vintage style pickups

        Bridge 7.8k - Neck 7.2k


These recreate the early PAF tones of the mid to late 50's and are wound to the lower and brighter range of the PAF spectrum.  A great combination for a dark sounding Les Paul or a hollow body ES-335. These have a that articulate PAF Alnico 2 compression and bright, spanky tone with less breakup than any of our other humbuckers. With slightly offset coils.

  • Bridge 8.1k - Neck 7.2k


 “Sweet V59's"

This is our take on the 1959 PAF humbuckers. The Sweet V59's are built and voiced to replicate some of the best sounding '59 PAF's ever made. With offset coils and rough-cast Alnico 4 magnets, these are clear, dynamic and smooth, with a sweet treble and a singing upper midrange.

  • Bridge 8.4k - Neck 7.5k


“SHAW’s “

Is our version of FAMOUS Tim Shaw era humbuckers from 1980

Which was the first PAF reissue pickup since the golden years .

These are besed on many sets we have had in our shop for repair/rewind over the years taking specs from these pickups   

These are well respected in the PAF era world . These PAF style humbuckers are not in the dark humbucker type tones ,but in the brighter kind of  “Tele on Steroids” kind of tone  .

If you want a brighter set of Vintage style humbuckers/PAF these are just that . A2 7.6k bridge- 7.2k neck

"Whisky Burner"

This pickup sits at the hotter of the vintage spectrum using a vintage wind with offset coils and rough-cast Alnico 2 magnets. These create a rude, sassy and open compressed tone that is great for blues, southern rock or classic rock. Imagine the smooth and creamy tone of Duane A. or Mr. Trucks. Made with Alnico 2 magnets for that classic sound.  For a sweeter upper midrange Alnico 4 is an option – just ask!

  • Bridge 9k - Neck 8k


“Whisky Sour ”

This is our hottest PAF style pickup with a special wind to boost that throaty midrange to drive an overdriven British amp .we settled on an unoriented Alnico 5 Magnet to tighten the tone for more focused  tone but it retains some of the Alnico 2 vibe .these are basically a hotter version of the Whisky Burner  These are a great choice for a LP or SG to push the overdriven British style amp into it’s sweet spot ,great for classic rock from 70’s to todays screamin slash/Appetite style music .

       Bridge 10.5k - Neck 8k


These are our take that famous Clapton Woman tone that he achieved with one of the most Iconic SG’s ever .”The Fool SG” was 1964 SG with the psychedelic paint job  .These are very much FULL OF PAF GOODNESS .

I designed these for my own SG to get the Cream /Crossroads/White room/Wheels of fire tone & after several prototypes here they are .  

We use a custom sized short rough cast Alnico 5 magnets,Degaussed to vintage specs for that true Vintage tone .   

These also sound great in a Les Paul & other guitars

  • Bridge 8.2k - Neck 7.8k

Triple D"

Big hair, were you there?  We were, and here's something for the big hair arena- rock folks that screams 70's and 80's.  This bridge pickup has thick, creamy treble and heavy mids with a big tight bottom end that wails classic distortion tone. It warms up very nice when the volume is rolled back. These use a thick ceramic magnet and Allen head screw poles. Bridge 14k

“Triple D” Neck

  Is a Modern Classic humbucker the makes a very juicy neck tone they compliments the Triple D Bridge Pickup or an bridge pickup . It uses a Alnico 5 magnet & dual coil Allen head screws for a little sweeter tone .Also makes a good vintage output bridge humbucker   8.6k



These recreate the classic T-Top tones of the late 60's and 70's and of course, all the modern tones you love so much. We use a custom short rough-cast Alnico 5 magnets and SPN magnet wire with matched coils to recreate the classic t-top tone in the neck position.  The bridge pickup has a hot, heavy and punchy tone to push into overdrive more easily. Who doesn't like  AC/DC or Black Sabbath crunch.

  • Bridge 8.8k - Neck 7.8k   


“6070 CLASSIC”

 During the 60’s & 70’s there was no difference in the T top neck or bridge pickup   both position had the same output which  was roughly 7.6k to 8k .the “6070 CLASSIC” is the pickup if you want truer tone from that era  .I’ts  a neck pickup that you use for eithyer the neck or bridge position .    

       Bridge 7.8k - Neck 7.8k


 This is exactly the same as our  6070 Classic ,only a we added an extra couple  hundred turns of wire to get it to break up just a little more & add a little more girth to that classic tone .  

    Bridge   8.3k


"Brown Noser"

If your looking for the "Brown" early VH sound these pickups can help you with your quest. The Variac will cost extra.....

These are wound with vintage specs in mind ,Rough Cast Alnico 2 magnet . This smokin' hot-rodded PAF possesses harmonically rich tone with great sustain and a smooth punch

Bridge 9k - Neck  7.8k        


Here's our  moderate to high-output humbucker with the classic PAF design and one of my first humbuckers designs.  it still has a place in a special guitar. This bridge pup does classic rock / hair rock / light metal to full bore metal and it still cleans up quite well with the volume rolled down.  That's right, you can tame some mild vintage tones out this bad boy. It has slightly scooped mids with cutting treble and a moderate bottom end. Standard smoke is Alnico 5 but for increased mids and a  tighter bottom end, Alnico 8 is an option upon request.

  • Bridge 14.5K  


 Magnet option available for Bridge position ONLY  Alnico 5 magnet or Ceramic 8 magnet  

Neck model comes standard with Alnico 5 magnet

Our High output humbucker Is quite the Beast for Classic rock ,80's Hair,thrash metal to modern metal,

even some Blues or or anything in between .

With an aray of tones when playing with the guitars volume . you get Agressive thick Mids with a deep bottom end & moderate treble

If you want more treble & a bigger tighter bottom end are thick ceramic magnet -this option gives you massive attack !!!

The neck pickup has a more focused mids with a good treble & is not a muddy pickup as you would suggest with the 9.8k .with some high gain you can get pinched harmonics with this neck pickup  quite easily .        

  • Bridge 15.8k - Neck  11k          


This high output bridge humbucker is based one of the most popular classic high output humbucker of all time but with A slight tweak . This design It uses a smaller wire than any of our other pickups to bump the mids ,whch is true to the Original  but we use our custom made vintage spec special  short rough cast Alnico 5 magnet. This really helps to reduce some of the complaints with this pickup  .that “hard,harsh & unmusical tone”  that the original pickup produces .   



This is a PAF style humbucker that matches our higher output Tele bridge pickups  .  Basically it’s our Vivid Neck PAF style humbucker that has been underwound to around 6.8k . Alnico 2

In a tele the result is a nice balance & of woody meets twangy but without overpowering the bridge pickup .

Works well with any of our Classic B, Nocaster , Texas Red Tele & our T-dog bridge pickups  .

If your looking for a Telepaf for a lower output bridge pickup like our Classic T or similar ,We can wind something to suite your needs      

   6.8k . Alnico 2

Greasy Fingers  

This pickup is based on that vintage high output double screw pole “Dirty Fingers” humbucker from the 70’s. With the unique dual  screw bobbin configuration which allows you to fine-tune both coils on every string for maximum string response plus as well as the enhanced gain, this pickup provides excellent sustain and clarity & tames some of the treble which gives it a more complex tone compared to the traditional screw/slug configuration . 4 conductor wire comes standard  .Available in multiple color bobbin options .