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Stratocaster pickups

$175.00 CDN per set    Singles: $60.00 CDN ea

* Custom winds may be subject to additional charges


These recreate the golden 1959 era of Strat tone with those warm, woody and round bell-like tones that every guitarist craves.  These are "handwound" with the classic scatter-winding technique that made these pickups so sought after.

Wound with heavy Formvar wire and vintage-stagger aged Alnico 5 magnets, these pickups create a fat creamy-but-smooth compression.

They feature Alnico 5 vintage-stagger magnets, fiber bobbins and are lightly wax potted

Vintage "pushback" cloth leads complete the artwork.

Neck 5.9k, Middle 6.0k, Bridge 6.2k


"Smokin 62's"

These are based on the pre-CBS years but for modern players. These have a nice balance of treble, midrange and bass which makes the "Smokin' 62's" a very versatile set.  When played clean these have that chimey, round bell-tones.  Overdriven, the "Smokin' 62's"deliver that smooth, thick woody tone only a great Strat pickup can give.

"Smokin' 62's" boast real Alnico 5 vintage-stagger magnets, vintage "pushback" cloth leads and fiber bobbins. They are lightly wax potted with our own special beeswax/paraffin mixture.

Neck 6.3k, Middle 6.4k, Bridge 6.6k



Probably the most distinct guitar tones ever heard ,the Jimi-inspired Strat pickup set  are carefully handwound to the original Fender specs. These have that magic punchy tone clear transparent clean tone that brings that special musical time back to life.  "69's" feature Alnico 5 vintage-stagger magnets, vintage-correct grey fiber bobbins and are wax potted with our special beeswax/paraffin mixture.

Neck 5.8k, Middle 5.8k, Bridge 6.2k


"Texas Reds"

The "Reds" are a hotter set of Strat pickups designed for blues, rock and country but in  reality, can handle almost anything you have a mind to throw at them. "Reds" have a tight bottom end with thick mids and a deliciously balanced treble that will break up your amp sooner than most of our other pickups. "Red"s can do it all and are quite versatile for clean or dirty tones.  These tone monsters feature Alnico 5 magnets, fiber bobbins and are wax potted with our special beeswax/paraffin mixture.  Vintage "pushback" cloth leads and a RW/RP wind gives you the utmost in contemporary Strat versatility.

Neck 6.3k, Middle 6.5k, Bridge 6.8k



Capture that scooped mids Mayer tone with a set of Vineham "Dippers."  Meticulously handwound, "Dippers" Have that clear transparent tone. Our "Dipper" winding delivers a generous amount of highs and lows and create gorgeous glassy cleans tone and a smooth woody overdriven tones upon demand.  "Dippers" boast Alnico 5 vintage-stagger magnets, vintage-correct fiber bobbins and are wax potted with our special beeswax/paraffin mixture.

Neck 6.2k, Middle 6.3k, Bridge 6.6k

"Black Strat"

From the famous Gilmour/Floyd tones of the past .

These are based on the Famous “Black Strat” .

 The hot Bridge pickup enables you to achieve Smooth & Creamy Lead tones as you can hear confortably numb & shine on you crazy diamond .

Alnico 5 vintage-stagger magnets, vintage-correct fiber bobbins and are wax potted with our special beeswax/paraffin mixture.

Neck 6.0k, Middle 5.8k, Bridge 12.8k


Branded as NERO

This is our higher output Texas blues style Strat set ,These are Extremely!!! Spicy!!!

We use a slightly smaller 42.5 gauge wire to get more turns & to get a thicker chewier tone & increased sustain without compromising on clarity. RW/RP

Neck 7k , 7.2K Middle, 7.5k Bridge  



Our Stra-dogs ,formerly known as our “Rawdog” strat pickups posses a the responce of a P90

With all the dynamics ,The steel pole adjustable screws & bar magnets like a P-90 allows for a convincing P90 tone from a Strat pickup . Gritty, rich, with a powerful bark , the Stra-dog is great choice for players looking for combine the best of classic Gibson and Fender tones .  

From gritty P90 blues tones to chunky southern or classic rock, the Stradog makes a great alternative for your stat. or as a hotter alternative for the bridge position pickup

in any of our strat sets   

RW/RP Calibrated sets

Neck 7k, Middle 7.2k, Bridge 7.5k  

Rawdog43 bridge

Is similar to the standard bridge pickup but wound with smaller 43 gauge wire & the result is your amp will amp will breakup sooner plus more mids & rounder tone .



  This is our take on The big Beefy Tele bridge tone in the bridge of a strat , taken from our Classic B tele Bridge pickup ,  it comes with flat pole &  a steel baseplate just like the tele bridge pickup .  Alnico 5  ,  9.5k     $60

Slow Burn

This is a slightly lower than usual output set for that for that Mayer “Black One” tone  it has a combination of Alnico 2 & Alnico 5 magnets ,These produce a lightly scooped tone while maintaining a thickness without sounding thin ,Avery Jazzy sounding pickup  think “Slow” Dancing in a “Burn”ing Room tone . Inquire for different pole stagger options .